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Since its launch in 2015, Perfect Daily Grind (PDG) has achieved unprecedented levels of growth and has rapidly established itself as the go-to source for insight in the specialty coffee world.

PDG is dedicated to providing real-life editorial content with insight from those who have direct experience at every stage of the supply chain. This “front-line” experience, paired with strong expertise in digital marketing and social media, has established the site as a must-read resource for anyone with a passing or professional interest in specialty coffee.

Thanks to this success, PDG is now able to leverage this influence to support other organisations who have similar goals through banner advertising, a high-profile social media presence, and sponsored articles.

We also recognise that there are coffee organisations who are looking for more comprehensive digital marketing services or the support of a specialist agency with industry expertise. Our sister organisation, PDG Media Agency, is a full-service international agency that provides marketing, social media, and value chain consultancy services.

You can find our 2024 media kit below:


Alongside our standard media kit, we also offer a number of comprehensive combination packages. These are offered with a substantial discount, and require a minimum 12-month commitment. You can find these here: $USD | £GBP | €EURO.

To learn more about partnership opportunities or receive a customised proposal, contact us here.

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